Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap 1080p For Free

If you like to watch Tamil movies. So, Filmy4wap have succeeded once more. Full-length Telugu film Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap, which was fully covered by Filmi4web, has been made available Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap on the well-known movie downloading website.

A few days have passed after the movie was first shown in theaters. A fantasy-based action drama film is called Bimbisara. Vashist is the film’s director, while Nandamuri Kalyan Ram plays the lead. Additionally, it has a large group of supporting performers, including Warina Hussain, Samyuktha Menon, and Catherine Tresa.

The discovery of Bimbisara’s leak will be a crushing blow to the movie’s producers, who have already experienced negative reviews and underwhelming box office receipts. Filmy4wap has previously posted web leaks of Telugu movies. In reality, the website has recently been implicated in the leaks of numerous notable movies, including VIP 2, Mersal, and Kabali.

It’s unknown how Filmy4wap manages to get hold of copies of new films so rapidly, but it’s possible that they have contacts in the movie business who provide them access to prints before they’re made available to the public like “download Bimbisara Movie from Filmy4wap”.

Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap 1080p For Free

Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap In 720p

Do you want to get Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap in Full Hd. The historical play Bimbisara is the most recent example of online pirated movie. After the movie’s theatrical premiere, Filmy4wap offered it for streaming.

Filmy4wap has previously published internet movie leaks. You cna get Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap for free. They’ve previously released movies including Kabali, Theri, and Puli. The biography Bimbisara is about the Indian emperor who reigned between 544 and 492 BC.

Tanishq Abraham and Ashish Vidyarthi play the key parts in the Chandrasekhar Yeleti-directed movie. On August 5, 2022, the movie was released, and Filmy4wap made it immediately available for Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap.

The fact that the video was leaked before it ever got to its intended audience is a big blow for the producers. But, we strongly advise against downloading pirated content since it is against the law and negatively impacts the livelihood of individuals who were engaged in its creation.

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Bimbisara Movie Overview

Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap

The fantasy action movie Bimbisara was written and directed by N. T. R. Arts debutante Mallidi Vassishta in 2022 in the Telugu language of India. Along with Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, Vivan Bhatena, and Prakash Raj, it also stars Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.

The movie follows the cruel king of the Trigarta Kingdom in the fifth century BC named King Bimbisara (Kalyan Ram). Devadatta (Vivan Bhatena), one of his own twin brothers, betrays him by cursing him and sending him through a time portal to the present. Bimbisara is first lost and perplexed in the contemporary world.

He has trouble comprehending the new norms and technologies. But he quickly meets Netra (Catherine Tresa), a kind-hearted woman who assists him in acclimating to his new circumstances. Additionally, Bimbisara becomes aware of Kethu’s (Prakash Raj) attempt to rule the globe and the danger he poses.

Bimbisara understands that in order to defend the present, he must make use of his abilities and historical knowledge. The movie combines comedy, romance, action, and adventure. It has received accolades for its original idea, standout performances, and gorgeous graphics.

Bimbisara Movie All Details

Movie NameBimbisara
Directed and Written by    Mallidi Vassishta
Produced byHarikrishna Kosaraju
StarringNandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, Vivan Bhatena
CinematographyChota K. Naidu
Edited byTammiraju
Production CompanyN. T. R. Arts
Distributed bySri Venkateswara Creations
Release date5 August 2022
Movie Running time146 minutes
Budget₹40 crore
Box officeest. ₹65.20 crore
IMDb Rating6.9/10
Bimbisara Telugu Movie Download Tamilrockers

Is Bimbisara A Good Movie?

Critics have had conflicting opinions about Bimbisara. The movie has received appreciation for its creativity, aspiration, and Kalyan Ram’s acting. Others have criticized the movie for its choppy pacing, formulaic story, and shallow character development.

Fans of fantasy, action, and adventure should definitely see Bimbisara since it is entertaining and beautiful to look at. However, viewers should be informed that there are certain issues with the movie.

Bimbisara: The Movie That Will Transport You Back in Time

You can travel back in time to the fifth century BCE with the help of the time-travel movie Bimbisara, and now you can do the Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap. The movie portrays the tale of Bimbisara, a violent ruler who travels through time to the present.

Bimbisara is forced to adjust to the modern world while also figuring out how to get back in antiquity. He gains knowledge about the value of love, compassion, and selflessness along the road.

Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil

On Filmy4wap, the Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. This implies that you may see the movie in the language of your choice. One of the most well-known websites for Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap online is Filmy4wap.

It provides a vast selection of films in many genres and tongues, such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. You may Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap by visiting the website and typing the title of the film into the search bar. Once you’ve located the video, pick the desired quality by clicking the “Download” option. Within minutes, the Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap to your computer.

Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap In HD Quality

The HD version of the Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap. This enables you to take in the film’s breathtaking detail. The Telugu fantasy action movie Bimbisara, which was directed by Mallidi Vassishta, is currently available for Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap In HD Quality. The movie, in which Nandamuri Kalyan Ram plays the major role, is about a merciless monarch who travels through time to the present.

Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap

Kalyan Ram’s acting and the film’s amazing graphics and action scenes have all received accolades. Fans of fantasy movies and Indian cinema must see it. Simply follow the directions above and choose the “HD” option from the drop-down menu to Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap In HD Quality.

Watch the Bimbisara Movie Online in HD Quality

You may watch the movie on Filmy4wap in HD resolution in addition to Bimbisara Movie Download Filmy4wap. To achieve this, just go to the website and perform a title-only search for the film. After locating the movie, select “Play” to begin. Your browser will begin playing the movie. Fans of Indian film should not miss seeing Bimbisara.

Everyone will enjoy this visually beautiful and engaging extravaganza. You may enjoy anything at Bimbisara whether you like romance, humour, action, or adventure. The aesthetically fascinating movie Bimbisara will stick with you long after you’ve seen it. Beautiful set design, lavish costumes, and breathtaking cinematography are all present in this movie.


Is Bimbisara movie worth watching?

Bimbisara’s storyline is exciting, and Chota K. Naidu deserves praise for his cinematography. The film’s soundtrack, composed by MM Keeravani, is the icing on the cake. Conclusion: Jai Ho Bimbisara is time and money well spent.

What is the rating for Bimbisara movie?

The first half of the movie is an unqualified smash, but the second half could have been better. As Bimbisara, Kalyan Ram gave one of his greatest performances to date. 9 August 2022 | 3.5 out of 5.

When can I watch Bimbisara?

On October 7, 2022, Zee5 will start screening the movie, which had its premiere in theaters on August 5, 2022.


In the majority of nations, downloading movies from websites like Filmy4wap is prohibited. The possibility that these websites include malware or other dangerous software should also be noted. Please note that using Filmy4wap to download movies is at your own risk. This article is just for informational purposes.


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